The Method Acting



June 13th - July 17th

This workshop is designed to teach actors the principles of Method Acting as developed and implemented by Lee Strasberg. The actors will discover why Lee Strasberg's techniques have trained the world's best actors through rigorous training and exploration of their imagination.

Class Structure

Week 1-4

Method Acting Class

Scene Study Class 


    Total Hours: 32(4 hours per class)

Week 5

 David Strasberg Online Master Class

Casting Director Online Workshop with Thomas Sullivan 


Filming scenes-2 days.

A performance Scene Night! Open to the Public

* The class consists of 16 students

Workshop Cost


1400 BGN

Class Descriptions

Method Acting

Method Acting is the core class that all students take throughout their studies. It is designed to train the actor in Lee Strasberg’s systematic acting technique known throughout the world as The Method™. The technique develops the actor’s ability to respond with real behavior to imaginary stimuli. This four-hour class consists of two parts: work on one’s self and work on the character.
The first part of each Method Acting class begins with Lee Strasberg’s relaxation technique and then moves to his sequence of sensory exercises which train the actor’s concentration, ability to respond to imaginary objects, and organic expression. The relaxation exercise is done each week to ensure that the physical and mental tension within the body, which inhibits the actor, diminishes throughout the duration of the course. The sensory exercise starts with the actor’s ability to recreate objects which they encounter every day. The exercises become more complicated when additional objects of concentration are added and when the frequency with which the actor encounters the objects of concentration diminishes.
The second part of the Method Acting class is devoted to improvisation, scene work, and monologues where students apply what they have learned in the exercise work to fulfill the demands of a play and the creation of a role.

Scene Study offers students the opportunity to move beyond class work and act in fully rehearsed scenes on stage. This class guides students as they gain a deeper grasp of the complexities of a scene by examining the dramatic elements of the material. Course material will focus on contemporary plays, film, and television.

This class includes script analysis, rehearsal procedures, and improvisation. The goal is to move beyond conventional choices and use Method Acting techniques to develop a more artistic and authentic characterization of the scenes.

Scene Study
Master Class

The Master Class with David Strasberg will be held either in-person or online depending on COVID-19 restrictions. Strasberg will focus on a few of the more in-depth exercises his father developed like Emotional Memory. Students will have the rare opportunity to get first-hand knowledge from David Strasberg about Method Acting and how to apply it in their day-to-day life.

Casting Director Workshop

The Casting Director Workshop with Thomas Sullivan will be held completely online via Zoom. This very rare opportunity will allow the actors to present auditions and receive feedback from a Hollywood Casting Director whose movie has won an Oscar! Actors will have to submit their self-tapes just like a real audition and play the role of Casting Director to get a sense of what Casting Directors are looking for.